Funding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns

In political system, based on representative democracy, political parties have a huge impact on decision-making process, thus the question of their funding is considered very important issue.  Ensuring greater transparency in the funding of political parties represents an important segment of reducing risks of political corruption. The lack of a regulated and transparent framework for funding of political parties leaves enough space for political corruption, which can endanger functioning of the democratic and social processes.

The ultimate goal of the insight into funding of political parties and commitments of the political decision-makers is to ensure their accountability to the public, because they should carry out the activities that are in the public interest. Political system, in accordance with the law, is one in which citizens have insight into the ways of funding of political parties and their representatives in order to avoid possible abuses, and to acquaint citizens with the sources of all funds invested. Moreover, in BiH most of the funds for financing of political parties are allocated from budgets at different levels of the government, which is why the manner of spending taxpayers ‘money should be subjected to detailed public scrutiny.

For years, Transparency International BiH has been trying to advocate improving of legal framework and to ensure more transparent funding of political parties. Also, TI BiH conducts monitoring of implementation of laws and financial statements of political parties, as well as monitoring of the cost of election campaigns in order to inform citizens on the ways of financing of campaigns, with the special emphasis on the use of public offices and institutions funds for campaign purposes.


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