Judiciary and Prosecution of Corruption

Since 2010, Transparency International BiH has been implementing project activities aimed at monitoring the work of judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. TI BiH monitors prosecution of criminal offences, that are classified as corruption offences according to applicable legal framework, i e, criminal offences against an official or other responsible person. The value of undertaken activities lies in the fact that after expiration of certain period of time the treatment of the perpetrators and their criminal offences is observed, and in very precise, balanced and objective way it is pointed out to some problems which the competent judicial authorities have to face in order to improve their effectiveness in combating corruption offences.

TI BiH performs analysis and creates reports in which it presents statistical data on the work of judiciary and prosecutor’s offices at all levels of the government in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The statistical data refer to the total number of treated criminal charges, conducted investigations and indictments, as well as court decisions in cases of corruption.


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