To this end the Association’s activities will include:

a) securing the support of parties involved in international business transactions for the application of standards of conduct designed to promote transparency and accountability in such transactions and ensuring the highest level of integrity amongst all parties involved in international transactions.

b) informing the general public about the manifestations and problems of corruption, particularly through convening meetings of experts, publishing studies, issuing reports and collecting and disseminating information.

c) providing assistance and expertise to parties involved in economic and social development as well as trade and investment in applying the provisions of standards of conduct.

d) monitoring compliance with standards of conduct, and investigating serious contravention of them.

The Association will act altruistically; its primary motive is not profit-oriented.

Active Membership is open to a limited number of individuals of recognised and highest integrity from diverse geographical, cultural and professional backgrounds, who acknowledge the charter of the Association and are committed to the active promotion and realisation of its goals.

Support by way of being a Contributor is open to governments and government agencies, corporate or other businesses entitled, organisations and individuals, and national or regional chapters of Transparency International. Contributors are expected to make available to the Association funds and/or material assistance for its activities, above and beyond acknowledging their support for the objectives of Transparency International.

Contributors are entitled to be informed as to the activities of the Association, and to attend the Membership Meetings. They have no voting rights but may assist with the work of the Association in an advisory capacity. Contributors may appear in public in their capacity as such. Unlike Contributors, the Regular Members have a broader scope of duties and rights, which are described in the Statute of the Chapter.


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