The main objectives of this project are to mobilise citizens’ participation in anti-corruption efforts by:

  • Making information on citizens’ rights easily available and accessible to the public.
  • Providing citizens with free legal advice on how to report complaints in cases of misuse of public funds or in situations where the citizen is a victim of or is aware of corruption.
  • Enabling citizens to take action against corruption by running awareness campaigns. The campaigns will include producing promotional leaflets and ‘how to’ guides for citizens, which provide practical information and advice on a number of issues e.g. ‘How to fight corruption in the tax administration’.
  • Continuation of a dialogue with the public institutions to support the establishment of appropriate mechanisms for citizens’ complaints.
  • Promote results through mass media.
  • Inform the citizens of BiH that about the implications of corruption and lack of government transparency, particularly those that are relevant to them and their region.
  • Stimulate broader public discussion on anti-corruption and identification of prblematic areas through detailed monitoring of anticorruption reforms and privatization processes.


The Projects have four main components:

  • Toll-Free Hotline: Victims of corruption receive initial advice about their rights.
  • Legal Advice: Citizens are helped articulate, develop, file and pursue their complaints with the assistance of legal professionals employed by the centres.
  • Advocacy: Based on the cases presented to the centres, advocacy is carried out to raise awareness about the sectors and institutions which are the subject of most complaints and in highlighting attention to specific institutional and legal vulnerabilities and providing recommendations.
  • Capacity Building: Support is provided to state authorities to strengthen their capacity to process complaints.