Donor: Open Society Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina
Donation amount: 75.596,00 USD

The OGP platform helps to join forces, capacities and resources of the society in order to achieve better results in all planned activities. This initiative comprehensively contributes to the achievement of the open government through defining specific obligations in the process of preparing action plan to implement the standard of open government and participation of the citizens in decision-making procedures. The general objective of the project is to ensure a joint action of the government and the civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the establishment of the open government through promoting proactive transparency in the work of public institutions and strengthening of their capacities.

Specific objectives of the project are:
– to improve the cooperation between the civil society organizations and government institutions through education programs and consulting to make all government levels take participation in fulfilling the undertaken obligations;
-to mobilize/support/strengthen civil society organizations through the expansion of an informal group of civil society organizations/key civil society organizations which are already active in particular fields relevant for the OGP to continuously promote principles and standards of the OGP platform.

The planned activities for the implementation of the defined objective will be performed through two mutually related components:
1. Support to the OGP initiative through the education of the lower government levels in BiH
2. Advocacy activities and promotion of the OGP initiative principles to the lower government levels in BiH
3. Research and analytical activities