Project holder: Transparency International BiH

Project is implemented in cooperation with the Agency for Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight against Corruption

The overall objective of the project Strengthening Integrity in local governments (SILG) is to increase transparency and accountability in the work of local administrations and to improve the rule of law in the local administrations by directly building capacities of local administrations to curb corruption.


The project goal is to strengthen and improve capacities of twenty selected municipalities to prevent corruption through drafting, establishing and implementing anticorruption/integrity plans.

Project activities:

  1. Development of a toolkit on drafting anticorruption/integrity plans for local governments;
  2. Training of Trainers on the anticorruption/integrity plans, who will then be able to replicate the trainings in the municipalities and realization of forty one-day trainings for 20 municipalities on developing, establishing and implementing anti-corruption/integrity plans;
  3. Awareness-raising activities and Institutionalization of methodology on drafting anticorruption/integrity plans by the Associations;
  4. Organization of the final conference and presentation of project results.

Results planned to be achieved:

  • Developed toolkit on establishing anticorruption plans;
  • Increased knowledge and built capacities of local leaders on the mechanisms and forms to decrease vulnerabilities to corruption and corruptive practices, thereby increasing accountability and transparency in the local governance;
  • Developed anticorruption/integrity plans in 20 trained municipalities.
  • Two Associations institutionalized the methodology on drafting anticorruption/integrity plans through promotion on their website and communication with other interested municipalities
  • Main stakeholders and citizens informed of the project results and the availability of toolkit for anticorruption/integrity plans through Associations and final conference.