What we do

Broad spectrum of TI BiH activities

Conflict of interest prevention

legislative improvements; training of officials, journalists and NGOs; co-operation with Election Commission in monitoring.

Free access to information

Strengthening implementation; training of government PR officials; empowering media, citizens, NGOs.

Investigative journalism

Training of journalists, media monitoring; presentation of Integrity Award.

Corruption analysis

Corruption Perception Studies (2002 & 2004); National Integrity System Study (2004 & 2007); global indicators (CPI) and periodic/thematic analyse.

Public awareness campaign

Advocating accountability and promoting transparency; raising awareness about available anti-corruption instruments. Pre and post-election political party monitoring through the Grozd coallition activities.

First NGO-run toll free telephone line

Memorandums of understanding signed with all relevant institutions in BiH

Institutionalised reporting of conflict of interest in collaboration with BiH Election Commission


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