Public Procurement

For the considerable amounts of money which are being spent on procurement of goods and services within the public projects at annual level, public procurement is particularly vulnerable to corruption. Corruption in public procurement increases the price of public contracts up to 50% (in some cases even more). Apart from financial loses, damages caused by lower quality of rendered public services may have other unforeseen consequences, and they can even result in loss of human lives. Therefore, a strong and transparent public procurement system is crucial for prevention of corruption in this area.

Over the years, TI BiH has been dealing with the improvement of the public procurement system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through following activities:

  • Analyzing the situation and creating recommendations for improvement of legal framework and implementation of the Law on Public Procurement in BiH;
  • Cooperation to strengthen the capacity of institutions of public procurement system in BiH;
  • Forming coalitions with other stakeholders- NGOs and the business sector, for more effective advocacy efforts to improve the system;
  • Providing legal assistance to aggrieved bidders in specific procurement procedures within the Centre for legal aid in the fight against corruption;
  • Organizing and participating in trainings for contracting authorities, providers, NGOs and the media, on relevant laws and practices of public procurement.


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